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CURRENCY Series 1 Trading Cards (Box)

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Currency Series 1 Trading Cards Box

* 2 Packs Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack *

A TREASURE TROVE OF EXCITEMENT: Investing in fun certainly has its perks. No need to worry about volatile market fluctuations as you shuffle through this exclusive trading card pack from Cardsmiths.

  • POWERING THE ECONOMIC ENGINE: Stunning artwork features original designs by highly acclaimed artists. The trading cards reference an assortment of influential public figures, currencies, and other iconography within the world of finance.

  • THE HISTORY OF MOOLAH: Flip through the growth and development of currency throughout human civilization. This card deck takes you on a journey, from the days of bartered goods to cash to digital cryptocurrency.

  • DIVERSIFY YOUR PORTFOLIO: This deck is full of surprises! Like finding a lucky penny, you have a chance of uncovering rare foil variants and cryptocurrency redemption codes that have been randomly placed into Series 1 packs.

  • OFFICIAL CARDSMITHS COLLECTIBLE: All about that cold hard cash? See what's in the cards for you with these officially licensed CURRENCY trading cards brought to you exclusively from Cardsmiths.