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What Is Geek Fuel and How Does It Work

What is Geek Fuel?

Geek Fuel is a monthly subscription box that delivers Exclusive T-shirts, limited edition collectibles and more. Celebrating the best in pop culture and the memories that bring us back to the movies, tv shows, toys, and events that shaped us all.

How does a Geek Fuel Subscription work?

Joining Geek Fuel is Easy! Simply select the plan that is right for you, choose your preferred T-shirt size and complete your purchase. 

Every month, we'll send you a brand new box full of rare, exclusive, out-of-print or never-before-seen products designed by our in-house team of scholarly Wizards of Pop Culture past.

Do you have a size chart?

Yes, we do: 

When will you ship my first order?

If the Geek Fuel box for the month in which you signed up is already shipping, then yours will be sent out shortly thereafter. If the current month’s shipment has not yet shipped, then yours will be sent with all other members’ shipments on the 25th of that month. 

What is in the Monthly box?

Every Monthly Geek Fuel box is loaded with over $50 worth of products from your favorite fandoms. You’ll receive an Exclusive T-Shirt, a limited-edition collectible or geeky essential plus a secret mystery item for a little extra fun.

How much does Geek Fuel cost?

Plan Cost - Pricing is based on the plan you select

T-shirts size 3XL and up will cost an additional $3.00 per shipment. 

Shipping Cost - US Shipping is $7.00 and International Shipping is $15.00 per month for each box. 

International Customers - Please note that prices are displayed in US Dollars, and billing is processed in US Dollars. We Deliver Duty Unpaid (DDU), so you may be responsible for additional import duties once the shipment enters your country. 

Can I sign up for just one box?

Sure, the way to order just one box is to subscribe for the Monthly Plan and then login to your account and cancel your subscription. Then you will only receive one box and will not be rebilled. 

You may also choose the Gift option for 3 Months or 6 Months. Gift plans do not auto-renew.  

Can I purchase Geek Fuel products without a subscription?

Membership in Geek Fuel allows us to bring you high quality, unique, and exclusive geeky pop culture products on a regular basis. We do not currently offer our latest and greatest products for sale outside of a subscription due to the limited edition nature of each box.  

What is the size of each box?

The dimensions of each Geek Fuel may vary, but typically the box is 12” x 7” x 7” with a weight of 2lbs - 4lbs. All weights and dimensions are approximate numbers and are not exact.

Missing Item / Damaged Item

Oh no! If something in your box was damaged, or if something is missing from your box please Contact Us and we’ll be happy to help you out.


If I was a Geek Fuel EXP Customer, is my account still Active and will I be billed again?

We have discontinued the Quarterly EXP subscription and all ACTIVE subscribers are now on the Monthly Plan. You will not be charged again for the Quarterly EXP plan. 

You can make modifications to your Monthly Plan by visiting the login page.

If you have been receiving the monthly boxes and you are unable to log in please visit this link.

When will I be billed for Geek Fuel?

All subscribers are billed on the 8th of every month.  

I signed up for one month, why are you billing me again?

Geek Fuel is a monthly recurring subscription service, meaning that when you sign up we’ll send you boxes for as long as you’d like. 

You can log in and cancel to prevent your subscription from auto-renewing.  

Where is my order confirmation email?

You should receive an order confirmation email within 5 minutes of placing your order. If you haven't received it by then, please check in your email's junk or spam folder. To ensure that you receive all future updates, please add to your email provider's whitelist. 

Where Is My Box

When does Geek Fuel ship each month?

Geek Fuel is shipped on the 25th of each month. 

What countries do you ship to?

Geek Fuel ships to fans Worldwide. In addition to the US, we currently provide shipments to: 


United Kingdom 


New Zealand 
















We ship domestically via FedEx (final delivery is often handled by USPS), and internationally via FedEx FIMS (FedEx International Mail Service) with final delivery by your local post.  

What is the recommended age range for Geek Fuel?

We do our best to keep our boxes appropriate for all ages! 

Updating Your Account and Subscription

How do I reactivate my account?

1. Log into your account


3. Scroll down and click “Re-activate” 

After your subscription has been reactivated, click the arrow next to the t-shirt of the reactivated subscription.  

On the new page, if your next billing date is not this month you won’t receive the current month’s box. You can Contact Us and let us know that you’d like to pay for this month’s box and we’ll ensure that you’re billed.

How do I change my plan?

To change your plan from monthly to the 3 or 6 months plan, you’ll need to cancel the current plan first. 

If you’ve already been billed for this month’s box, you’ll need to wait until next month to resubscribe or you’ll get the same box twice. 

If you haven’t been billed for this month’s box, you should resubscribe right away so you’re billed for the current month. 

You’ll be billed for your new plan as soon as the subscription is created. 

How do I change my shipping address?

  1. Log into your account 
  3. Scroll down and click the arrow beside your shipping address 
  4. Make the changes and then click “UPDATE ADDRESS” at the bottom 

Where is my box? / What is my Tracking Number?

To track your Geek Fuel order, you will be sent an email containing a tracking number once it has left our warehouse. 

Please keep in mind that it may take up 7 business days for packages to be delivered to domestic customers and up to 4 weeks for international orders to clear customs. 

For domestic customers in the U.S., you can track your packages here: 

For international packages please take the number ending in SE and track it here: 

 If you have reason to believe that your order may have been lost in transit, please Contact Us and we’ll be happy to help you out with that.

How do I update my payment information?

1. Log into your account
2. Click “BILLING” 
3. Click “Update card”  

4. Enter the card information and then click the blue “Update Card” button.

How do I skip/pause my boxes?

1. Log into your account 
3. Scroll down and click the arrow beside the t-shirt

4. Scroll down and click "Skip Shipment"

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account

Click “SUBSCRIPTIONS”, then “CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION” and follow the steps.

Once you cancel your subscription you won’t be billed again, though you will still receive any monthly shipments you’ve already paid for.

When I try to reset my password it says “no account found”, what do I do?

If you get an error saying “No account found with that email” and you've already placed an order we'll need to resend your account activation/confirmation email. Please reach out to us here.

Where is my password Reset email ? 

You should receive a password reset email within 5 minutes of requesting one on the login screen. If you haven't received one by that time, please check your email's junk or spam folder.To ensure that you receive all future updates from us, please add to your email provider's whitelist.  

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