"A good riddle reveals the asker. To solve it is to solve the mystery of the person posing it."

-Edward Nygma


For the first time ever, we are releasing a limited number of mystery bundles featuring fan-favorite tees, collectibles and absolute essentials from the Geek Fuel Vault.

Each bundle will include at least $100, $200 or $400 worth of products from companies like Super7, Quantum Mechanix, Mondo and More!

Want More Geeky Goodness?!?

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Mystery Value Box
This Limited Edition MYSTERY VALUE BOX is packed with cool stuff, including Mondo Tiki Mugs, Super7 Action Figures, Exclusive Tees, and more -- adding up to at least $113 in value!

Each box contains a random collection of items from Geek Fuel favorites including The Lion King, Street Fighter, DC Comics, Andre the Giant, and Pee Wee's Playhouse, as well as Geek Fuel exclusives you can't find anywhere else.

We only made 199 of these special boxes, so when they're gone, THEY'RE GONE FOREVER!
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Retro Gaming Salt & Pepper Shaker Set
It's-A Me! Spice up any meal with these Super custom ceramic retro gaming themed salt & pepper shakers.
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Aladdin - Cave of Wonders Tiki Mug - Diamond in the Rough
Hidden amid the shimmering sands of the Sahara, where heroes are born to combat sinister sorcerers, lies the Cave of Wonders. Here, in the mystical keeping place of the magic lamp, ancient secrets are revealed, power is unleashed... and drinks are drank! This beautiful stoneware ceramic tiki is designed by Tim Wolwebber and sculpted/manufactured by our friends at Tiki Farm, guaranteed to conjure some cocktails that send you into a whole new world... (see what we did there?

NOTE: These mugs are handmade, making each one unique, so slight variations from images shown may occur.
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The Goodfeathers, our favorite mobster pigeons, strut down a New York City sidewalk in this charming Q-Fig Max of the popular characters as seen in the TV series Animaniacs from Warner Bros. Animation.

Parodying characters played by Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro and Ray Liotta in the movie Goodfellas, they're in rare form. Pesto looks like he’s on the verge of a tantrum. Bobby’s large and in charge. And Squit radiates cheerful contentment.

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Alien Facehugger Q-Fig
The Face Hugger from Alien is a terrifying creature that springs out of the dark to wrap around your face and turn you into a living incubator.

But in our version of the Xenomorph, he's just this side of adorable as he emerges from his egg, oozing green slime. About 3.5 inches tall and sitting on an alien terrain base, the face hugger is holding a “Free Hugs” sign, letting you know that murderous alien parasites need love too
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Mystery Tee 3 Pack

Get 3 fan-favorite mystery T-Shirts from the Geek Fuel vault!

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Mystery Tee 5 Pack

Get 5 fan-favorite mystery T-Shirts from the Geek Fuel vault!

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Fantasia – Sorcerer Mickey Tiki Mug (Alamo Variant) by Mondo

Presenting our first line of officially-licensed Disney Tiki Mugs, starring Sorcerer Mickey from "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" segment in the iconic, groundbreaking animated film FANTASIA. The richly brown Alamo Variant stands tall at 11.5" and holds approximately 22 ounces, which should be plenty of room to flood your own chamber.

Designed by Tom “Thor” Thordarson and sculpted by Istanbul-based Tufan Sezer, it’s produced by the sorcerers over at Tiki Farm. They make each of our mugs by hand, which means they're all unique pieces of drinkware art (and there could be some slight variations from the images above).


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